we listen...

1 Kick-off

We’ll introduce you to your dedicated team, who will listen and probably ask lots of questions. For us this is one of the most important stages of the creative process.

2 Costs

We will work out what we can deliver for your budget. Our costs are set out so you know exactly what you are going to get for your money. We will keep to the agreed costs, unless of course the brief changes.

3 Set-up

Once costs are agreed, all time, costs and invoicing are managed through our project management system. This ensures efficiency in tracking and reporting.

we think...

4 Planning

All projects require an element of strategic planning. We’re a ‘thinking’ agency - it’s in our blood.

5 Brief

From our planning and research, we will create a detailed brief. Further to your approval, this will be our benchmark for the project.

6 Creative

Our design team will be thoroughly briefed. We scratch, we delve, we discover. We want to surprise you (in a good way) with exciting and new ideas.

7 Planning

Planning doesn’t stop at the top. All work is scheduled in to ensure your project runs efficiently. We know time is of the essence.

8 Timings

We will constantly monitor the deadlines that have been set, taking into account public holidays and key launch dates. This will be clear to see on the project timeline.

9 Collaborating

We have long standing relationships with a wide range of suppliers who all share our values and work ethic. We see our suppliers as an extension of the S1 team.

we design...

10 Review

We explore design ideas and create visual concepts that meet the brief and are representative of your company's personality. We consistently review our work as a team, measuring the effectiveness of our ideas and to ensure we deliver the best solution.

11 Present

This is the exciting part! Presenting you with our design solutions. We will always listen and take onboard your feedback, if there is anything we don’t agree with, we will be up front and honest. We strongly believe in working together to ensure we achieve best results.

12 Implementation

This is where the concept comes to life. Copy is written, photography is retouched and colour palettes are refined. From brand guidelines through to complete marketing campaigns, your visual identity will demonstrate all of the values, key messages and objectives that were established at the ‘thinking’ stage.

13 Development

We also realise that briefs and ideas take twists and turns as the project develops. Therefore we allow for two sets of design amends within our costings, this ensures we get it right and your vision is realised.

we deliver...

14 Approval

Once you are happy with the work we have produced, we will ask you to formally sign off via email. This avoids any confusion with regards to the final output and ensures you receive exactly what you were expecting.

15 Artwork

We dot the i’s and cross the t’s. The job is proof read one final time and the design files are checked for the finer details such as spacing, alignment and font styles. We allow a good amount of time for this stage of the process as it is crucial that the file are set up correctly.

16 Production

We strongly believe that designers and artworkers should work hand-in-hand with printers and other suppliers. It’s a very important partnership and we know how to get the best results to meet your standards and achieve your expected deliver date.